Sundays @ 9:30am & 11:00am
Community Center Gym at LBC Chesterton

Sacred Ground is a worshipping community within Liberty Bible Church that gathers on Sunday mornings at our Chesterton campus. We join together in an eclectic, interactive and informal setting to worship the Lord together.

We seek to be a family who relentlessly pursues God's purposes and celebrates together the stories of God's redemption, healing and freedom.

We invite you to join us in your jeans Sunday mornings for a worship experience designed to help you encounter God in a setting that may not look much like church. But don't let the setting fool you, we are all about church and all about becoming the community of faith that God has called us to be.

Look...listen...and feel!!
God gave you five senses and we invite you to use all of them at Sacred Ground. Our desire is to give you the opportunity to worship God with all of your mind, body, and soul.  We also invite you to come to the cross at Sacred Ground and surrender whatever you carry right there... your prayers, your cares... your life. Come prepared to experience God in new and profound ways.

A little bit of this... a little bit of that.
Contemporary, traditional, amplified, unplugged, hymns, choruses... we're planning on borrowing from all kinds of approaches to worship as long as they're grounded...grounded in Scripture.  So plan on expanding the scope of your favorite style and exploring the myriad of ways the people of God give glory to His name.