Counselor Trainer

Trainers are committed to completing the following:

1. Serve a minimum of 2 years as a NHCM Counselor, or complete NANC certification.

2. Complete tracks one, two and three of a Biblical counseling training seminar or its equivalent. Options are as follows:
·Foundations of Biblical Counseling; Contemporary Issues in Biblical Counseling; and Marriage and Family Counseling. (Weekend seminars offered at various locations. Sessions available on DVD.Check with NHCM office for further information.)

·Biblical Counseling Training Conference at Faith Church in Lafayette, IN. (Tracks 1-5 are presented via five day seminars.These sessions also available on CD through NHCM office.)

·Track 1, 11 week Monday training at Faith Church in Lafayette, IN which is offered three times a year.

3. Read the Counselor Trainer Manual (Check with NHCM for manual).

4. Approval for this position is given by the NHCM Director and one other member of the NHCM Leadership Team.