New Hope Counseling Ministry offers counseling to individuals, couples, and families. This ministry seeks to encourage and offer hope to people by looking into God's Word and applying His truths to life's challenges.


What hope is there for my problems and questions?
Each of us encounters difficult situations in life. These situations can be a result of choices we have made or choices others have made.

Answers to life's questions can be found in God's Word. God breathes hope into our life by giving us this wisdom and guidance. He enables us to respond to life's challenges in ways that not only bring New Hope, but also give joy and peace.

What kind of counseling is offered?
Because we believe that the Bible provides thorough guidance and instruction for faith and life, our counseling is based on scriptural principles.

Who can come for counseling?
New Hope counseling is available to individuals, couples, and families.

Who are the counselors?
Men and women who have been trained in lay counseling and are approved by Liberty Bible Church.

What will the counselor expect of me?
Our desire is for you to come with a heart that is open to the possibilities that God has for you in your healing process.

What does the counseling cost?
The counseling is free. However, at times you may be asked to purchase materials that will help in the counseling process.

Where do I begin?
Download the application forms here and fill out completely. You can contact New Hope Counseling directly via email for help or information.