Join a Learning Community on Sunday mornings for biblical teaching and equipping in fellowship, encouragement and prayer. They meet from 9:30am-10:45am (except where noted) at the Chesterton campus.

Our Learning Communities

Sign of the Times
We live in a complex, challenging world. The different issues and problems that we face in our world need clear thinking and biblical responses. We will explore some of the most pressing issues in our culture today and how we should respond from a biblical perspective.
Room 140C

Loving The Lord
With All Our Mind

In this series, we will develop tools to equip us in understanding and communicating our beliefs. Our goal is to love God through the sharpening and preparing of our minds. The desire is to apply these tools to our everyday lives.
Room 140D

Essentials of Chrstianity
This class will develop an understanding of the core beliefs of our faith from Creation to Christ’s return. Whether you are new to the faith or have followed Jesus all your life, this will provide a place to ask questions and grow.
Room 250 at *11am

2 Timothy
What would your last words to your closest friends and family be? We will look into Paul’s final words to his protégée, Timothy, and what they teach us about living fully for God’s glory.
Room 140A

Paul’s letter to the Colossians radiates with joy in the
Lord and confidence in the power of the Gospel. Join us
for a journey through this influential epistle through an
in-depth study of the text.
Room 140E

Friendship Class
This is an amazing fellowship of young men and women with developmental disabilities learning together how to love God and love others.
Room 156
The Gospel of Luke
Luke’s Gospel is known for its vivid detail and stunning vision of the Messiah who has come to rescue the world. Explore this portrait of Christ and seek to understand what it teaches about following Jesus today.
Room 140B

Living Like Jesus

This college-age group will be learning what it looks like to live as Jesus did.
Room 155 at *10:00am

The Gospel of John
This is an ongoing study through the Gospel of John. Explore what this rich and powerful book teaches about our vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ. This community is made up of women who attend church by themselves.
Room 140E at *11:00am