Adult Small Groups in LaPorte

We are excited to offer Small Groups that meet in homes here in LaPorte. These groups are at the core of what we do at Liberty Bible Church. They are designed to help adults get to know each other and to grow deeper in their faith.

Here are some questions and answers that you might have about Small Groups:

What do the Small Groups study?
Each group determines the topic appropriate for their group. Most studies are of books of the Bible and study of practical biblical topics and books.

How often do these groups meet?
Most the groups meet weekly from September through May. Some groups meet every other week.

When do the groups meet?
The groups meet on evenings arranged by the individual group.

Where do the groups meet?
They meet in homes across LaPorte County. Some groups meet in the same home every week, some rotate homes.

What about childcare? Some of the groups work together to schedule childcare. Some groups leave it up to each family to be responsible to secure childcare.

How do I get into a group?
Each week in our bulletin there is a “Connections Card." If you indicate your interest on that card you will be contacted. You can call Gerry or Roxy Wiley at 326-8157 for more information. They serve as our Small Group Coordinators in LaPorte.